The Great Gig in the Sky

Año: 2013

Estado: Proyecto_A House For Pink Floyd Competition

Equipo: Víctor Alegría – Javier Moya – Félix Salinas – Diego Alegría

The great gig in the sky

A great shadow covers the buildings, the parks and the city streets. People are surprised looking up. It’s not a big cloud. It’s ahouse, a circular house, floating over the air. Everyone stays quiet, listening to the music that is played by a well-known British band called Pink Floyd.

The house represents some constant themes of Pink Floyd’s music, like the journey through psychedelia and space atmospheres, the same beginning and ending of the main albums, and the use of symbols such as water, fire and sky. The house can travel around the world through the air, looking for new inspirations in remote landscapes. Its structure is similar to the shape of the hot air balloons and also projects images and videos related to the songs the band plays.

The music continues, while the house eclipses the moon. It’s the great gig in the sky.


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